At Trentham Academy we understand the importance of making the transition from primary to secondary as easy and enjoyable as possible for all students.  

Our dedicated Transition Team ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for our feeder primaries to take part in a range of activities which help to support the transition process.

Student Transition Leaders

Above: Student Transition Leaders in Y8, Y9 and Y10

“My name is Jess and I came from Priory. I became a transition leader in year 7. I decided to become a transition leader to help children who are scared about moving to high school because I know that I was also scared. I have helped lots of people and I hope that I have made them feel more relaxed. When I moved to high school, I had my older sister but I understand that some people don’t have older siblings so I like to help them.”

Jessica, Trentham student

Transition leaders hold events to support literacy; Trentham’s fantastic reading lounge is the perfect venue for these events.

Taster Sessions & Academy Experience Days

Trentham Academy staff run taster sessions at local primary schools; we also welcome primary students to the Academy to use our facilities and experience academy life.

Transition Resources from YoungMind

Starting at high school is a huge change in a young person’s life and Youngmind have produced resources to support parents and children.

This video shows children asking questions about the move to high school.

This video talks about making new friends.

Further resources and information can be found on the YoungMind website here: YoungMind Website

Resources from BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize ‘Day in the life of a Y7’ & ‘Getting Lost’

Parental Guide & ‘Cheat Sheet’

Supporting a Child Moving to Secondary School

The Academy believes in developing the person as a whole so they can accomplish educational excellence."