Junior Leadership Team

Junior Leadership team

Trentham Academy’s Junior Leadership team consists of a Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and six House Captains.

The Junior Leadership Team is at the forefront of the student voice and aids student support. Each form has a student responsible for attending House Council meetings, which feeds into the Junior Leadership Team meetings; this allows communication of student voice from all year groups and houses to the Senior Leadership Team and raises any issues, which may be happening around the academy. They offer a student’s perspective into any issue and it is their responsibility to make sure changes are developed and moved forward. The Junior Leadership Team comes up with ways of challenging what is already in place to make sure the school is always improving.

The Junior Leadership Team also has prefect duties and they attend events such as open days, parent evenings and shows acting as ambassadors of the academy.

The three houses are:




All students and staff are members of a House.  This creates lively and energetic competition in sport, the arts, core subjects, attendance & punctuality and academic achievement

The House system is the link between academic performance and pastoral care in the school.  Houses meet regularly on a formal and social basis.

Trentham Academy’s Junior Leadership team consists of a group of senior students appointed to represent their peers."