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Year 7 Admissions 2024

If you are looking for a place for a child currently in Year 6, due to be starting Year 7 in September, please make your application via the link below.

All applications to start in September year 7 are made in advance.  Offers are made by local authorities on national offer day.  Please note the deadline for applications below:

Admissions Timetable 2024
Deadline date for applications for Year 7 places in September 2024Tuesday 31 October 2023
National Offer DayFriday 1 March 2024

If you have missed this deadline, please either visit the school to collect a paper application form or contact the Local Authority on 01782 234598, as a matter of urgency.  Any forms received after the closing date will be processed as late applications.

If you would like further information about the school or would like to arrange a visit, please telephone 01782 883200 or email [email protected]

For more information on our oversubscription policy and the criteria that determine who will be accepted, please see the Admissions Policy on our policies page: Policies

Trentham Academy is currently oversubscribed for 2023/24 and proud to have developed strong links with many local primary schools.

We plan several activities throughout the year to bring local primary school children to the Academy so they are able to experience the secondary school environment and have a wide variety of lessons with our staff.

We also welcome primary school staff to use our academy facilities for their lessons; these include a large food technology room, design and technology rooms and extensive sports facilities, for example.

In addition to welcoming staff and students to the Academy, our staff are able to visit the schools and offer a range of activities including support with Modern Foreign Languages, using iPads to make animations of class readers and loaning the science experiment box.

The partnerships Trentham Academy has with schools in Stoke-on-Trent are valued and we work hard to ensure best practice is followed so that pupils feel confident during their transition to secondary education.

In September 2023, we are delighted that students joined us from the following 28 primary schools:

Ash Green Primary AcademyPriory C of E Primary SchoolOakhill Primary School
The Willows Primary SchoolSt Joseph’s Preparatory SchoolSt John’s CofE(A) Primary School
St Teresa’s Catholic Primary SchoolBelgrave Saint Bartholomew’s AcademySutherland Primary Academy
The Meadows Primary AcademyNewstead Primary AcademyHeron Cross Primary School
St Pauls’s CofE(C) Primary SchoolSt Peter’s CofE(A) Primary SchoolChrist Church CofE Primary School
Glebe AcademyGladstone Primary SchoolStoke Minster CofE Primary Academy
Alexandra Junior SchoolWeston Junior SchoolWalton Priory Middle School
Thursfield Primary SchioolSt Margaret’s CE(C) Junior SchoolSt Augustine’s Catholic Academy
Seabridge Primary SchoolSandon Primary SchoolParkhall Academy
Forest Park Primary School

In-Year Admissions

If you’re moving into Stoke-on-Trent or want to change schools in Stoke-on-Trent, you need to make a school transfer – often called an in-year application.  In-Year Admissions for all year groups will be dealt with in accordance with our admissions policy, which can be viewed on our Policies page.  Applications must be made in writing to the Academy using a form obtainable from Reception. 

If the transfer request is not related to a change of address, the form must be signed by the child’s present Headteacher.  Governors will take each admission on an individual basis; a place will be allocated providing it does not prejudice the education of others.

You will be notified by us of the outcome of your application, as well as details about the right to appeal if your child is refused a place.  If we cannot offer you a place, we will

  • write to you to explain the reasons, within 15 days of your application.
  • explain how you can appeal and
  • add your child to our waiting list in case a place becomes free.

Our waiting lists are kept until end of each school year. You will need to make a new application if you want to be on the waiting list for the following school year.

For more information on our oversubscription policy and the criteria that determine who will be accepted, please see the Admissions Policy on our Policies page.


If you are not offered a place at our Academy, you have the right to appeal to an independent panel. Trentham Academy uses the Local Authority appeals service.

Full details can be found on the Stoke City Council website at

 The Governors of the Academy will review the admissions policy on an annual basis.

If you are looking for a place for a child currently in Year 6, due to be starting Year 7 in September 2022 please contact the Local Authority on 01782 234598."