Pastoral Care and Student Welfare

Pastoral Care and Student Welfare

The school also has a dedicated team of pastoral staff who work with individual students and families. In addition, a number of agencies work to support individuals and groups.

We believe in creating smaller family units at Trentham Academy. This structure forms the basis for our House System and permeates all aspects of school life.

Trentham Academy Junior Leadership Team

House System

Trentham Academy is divided into three Houses; Apollo, Pioneer and Voyager.

Each of these is led by a Progress Leader who oversees the progress and pastoral care of all students in years 7-9 in their House. All students meet with their form tutor on four days per week where any concerns can be addressed. In Years 7-9, students are in vertical tutor groups (Years 7-9 together)

Students in Years 10 and 11 have just their year group in their tutor groups and each tutor group belongs to one house. However, the progress and pastoral care of these students is overseen by Mrs L Griggs (Year 10) and Mrs E Hardacre (Year 11).

In the first instance, parents/carers should contact the Form Tutor if they have any concerns.

We have three Houses:

  • Voyager (green)
  • Pioneer (red)
  • Apollo (yellow)

Our House system is the link between academic performance and pastoral care in the school. Houses meet regularly on a formal and social basis.

Find out more about our Junior Leadership Team and Sports Leaders.

Tutor Groups

Apollo – Miss A Booton

AGSMMr G SmithPa2
ACAIMiss AinsworthHu1
AMOCMiss M O’ConnorDt1
ANBAMiss N BarrHu3
AABRMr A BrownHu4
ARDAMr R DaviesMa5

Pioneer – Mr B Moss

PNJAMiss N JacksonMFL2
PMRTMiss M RobertsMa6
PDABMr D AblewhiteCm1
PRHOMrs R HowellsSc6
PBBRMr BrennanMa4
PKBLMrs K BallEn1

Voyager – Mr M Rogalski

VLBEMiss L BeardmoreEn6
VSEMMrs S EmanuelliSc1
VJDAMr J DaviesEn5
VNWRMrs N WalkerMa1
VJSTMrs J SteeleAr1
VESWMiss E StanwayEn2

Year 10 – Mrs L Griggs

AFHIMrs F HisseyMFL1
AHMOMiss H MorreyAr2
PBPEMiss B PeakeDt3
PJJAMrs J Jackson/Mrs Y O’ConnorEn4/Sc3
VLGAMrs L Gaggini/Ms H KingMa3
VMROMr M RochesterHu5

Year 11 – Mrs E Hardacre

AWBYMr W BaileyHu2
AJMAMrs J MarriotSc5
PJBLMrs J BlooreMa2
PLMEMr L MelinEn3
VACOMrs A CooperSc4
VBPHMiss B PhillipsEn7

Trentham Academy is divided into three Houses; Apollo, Pioneer and Voyager."