Scott Grindey

Link Governor for Careers

My name is Scott Grindey and I live locally in Trentham. I have a daughter in Year 8 and a son at Ash Green Primary Academy. 

Professionally, my work involves providing strategic direction and insight for the Midlands Engine and West Midlands Combined Authority on all education policy, school performance and wider skills issues affecting the region. I am highly skilled in strategic thinking and problem solving, I have excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of data and analytics.

I am a passionate advocate of early years education and the role secondary schools play in preparing young people for the world of work. I believe parent governors play an important role in promoting high educational standards and a purposeful curriculum. To this end, I wish to engage with other parents and make myself available to help create greater transparency and communication with the school. If I can do anything to help improve the environment where the pupils can be the best they can be, then I will be happy. 

In my spare time I enjoy watching cricket and for my sins I support Stoke City.

Scott Grindey governor

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