Paul Archer

Chair (CLT Appointed) and Link Governor for Safeguarding and SENDCO

I am honoured to be the Chair of Governors at Trentham Academy, a school that I am proud to be a part of and a role that I take very seriously.  I decided to be a governor because I am passionate about a community’s local high school and firmly believe that all communities should have a secondary school at its heart.  Don’t get me wrong; of course it matters that both my children have been Trentham pupils, but this just adds more personal reasons for why I want to be involved. 

As an honorary ‘clay-head’, I have been living in Trentham for over twenty years now and I have been in teaching itself since 1995.  As a serving Headteacher in one of Staffordshire’s six Pupil Referral Units I am in an excellent position to hold Trentham’s Headteacher and Leadership Team to account and ensure that they are inclusive to all the pupils that are fortunate enough to come to the Academy.  During my many professional roles within teaching I have been a member of various governor sub-committees regularly reporting to the governing body and being held to account for my own actions. This has afforded me the opportunity to both ask and answer the difficult questions that a governing body should be asking of the Headteacher and their team. 

Being from the south originally, naturally I’ve been a massive Manchester United fan (sorry!) since the seventies!  I do love listening to music, particularly live; but I am of that age where there are clearly some great bands around at the moment, but you just can’t beat the 80s! 

I would like to think that I bring a personal touch – living in the community with children who have been through the academy; the professional touch – having been in the profession for many years and still counting; and also the humorous touch so that we can continue Trentham Academy’s rightful place in the heart of our community as the number one school of choice. 

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