Performing Arts & Dance

Performing Arts KS3 Overview

The Performing Arts curriculum at Trentham Academy offers a broad, coherent and rigorous course of study which inspires creativity in students. There are three main areas which students will focus upon:

  • Performance
  • Devising
  • Evaluation

Each of these elements is taught throughout all schemes of work, independently and in combination to develop a well-rounded Performing Arts practitioner.

Students create and devise a series of tasks that are improvisations. Students are given a range of stimuli material to base their work on. Students work on a range of performances that include TV Advertising and Soap Opera scenes. Students then rehearse their work based on examples given by the teacher. Students go on to  study/investigate a short section of a text from a musical or play. They perform sections of the piece in small groups. Characters are developed through the use of Hot Seating and there are further improvisation on the text stimulus looking at pre-text and post-text. Whilst in role, students will deepen the understanding of a character and the situation.

Performing Arts provides opportunities for students to make and understand the subject as a practical art form in which ideas and meaning are communicated to an audience through choices of form, style and convention.

Students will learn about performance skills and how to build upon those skills and present them effectively. They will also develop devising skills by using their own creativity to produce unique performance pieces and finally students will build upon evaluation and appreciation skills by looking at a variety of different practitioners and performance styles.

In addition, students will be offered an array of enrichment activities alongside showcasing musical and theatrical performances.

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Performing Arts

Dance KS3 Overview

Students receive different stimuli to create and perform dances in different styles. Within dance, students develop skills as a performer and choreographer whilst learning how to appreciate their own work and that of others.

Students learn about the street dance style through professional dance works and current music videos from the commercial sector. Students learn a set routine in the style to develop whole body and isolated body skills whilst extending their musical and rhythmic skills in performance.

Creatively, the students learn how to manipulate and stage the routine in an ensemble to create interest using a range of compositional devices. The students then create and stage their own section devising their own movement whilst focusing on the development of spatial relationships and musicality. Group rehearsal and peer feedback sessions are used to refine final pieces of work.

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Performing Arts & Dance Department

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