“A Business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts”
Richard Branson

At Trentham Academy the Enterprise curriculum aims to develop the skills of young people to ensure they can become the successful entrepreneurs of the future.  It is intended that students will develop skills in many areas including leadership, creativity, teamwork, problem solving, finance, time management, presentation skills and communication.

These transferable skills can then be applied to a wide range of careers and make our students more employable as well as preparing them to become great employers themselves.  It will also prepare them for further study in the area of Business and Enterprise.

Throughout the course, students will learn to develop a wide variety of skills – communication and presentation being at the forefront.

In year nine, students will focus on business and enterprise concepts to ensure a solid foundation for formal assessment in years ten and eleven.  Students will study:

  • Their presentation skills – particularly in engaging an audience
  • A project ‘Trentham Apprentice’ – an opportunity to think and present creatively
  • The importance and impact of Market Research
  • Marketing Mix and why it is important when enterprises are considering their marketing strategy
  • Basic business finance and considering costs, revenue and profit
  • Engage in Young Enterprise ‘Tenner Challenge’
  • Investigating the changing landscape of local businesses/enterprises
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In years ten and eleven, students will study the following:

Component 1 – examining the characteristics of enterprises, how market research can help enterprises and the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise.

Students will be expected two study two local enterprises for this component and will complete their assignment based on these two enterprises.

Component 3 – promotion and finance for enterprise

Students will study in depth how important choosing the correct promotional strategy for their enterprise is and how to ensure it has the biggest impact.  The students will then go on to learn about the key financial and accounting processes that an enterprise.

Component 2 – planning for and pitching an enterprise idea

Following extensive opportunities to develop presentation and creativity skills, student will then be expected to build on all of this prior knowledge to plan and pitch a business idea that could be developed within either the local school community or within the local area.

This will be the final unit of study in year eleven and will require students to complete their assignment based on their business idea.

Enterprise Department

Miss C Ainsworth – Subject Leader

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