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English Overview

The main aim of our English curriculum is to provide students with the skills that they need in order to question the ever changing world around them whilst fostering a love of reading and a love of writing. We want to be able to empower our students with a voice which questions, critiques and evaluates their surroundings as a result of being exposed to a carefully planned and varied curriculum which explores both the literary heritage and contemporary literature.

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Our students begin a spiral curriculum in Year 7 which aims to build on the skills and knowledge taught at KS2. This starts off a new learning journey punctuated with recall and consolidation to ensure a deep and precise understanding of key knowledge and terms by the end of Year 11. As well as knowledge, we provide the skills and the understanding which we teach students, that prepares them fully for the demands of adult life.

We want our students to harness their imaginations and creativity: students in KS3 enjoy their weekly ‘Create’ lessons in our newly designed Reading Lounge where they have a space to read for pleasure and develop their creative writing skills.

Students are encouraged to become enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama, as well as non-fiction and media texts. They will explore how writers craft texts and use this understanding to choose and adapt what they say and write in different situations.

Students learn individually, in pairs and in groups. We challenge all students to achieve the highest academic standards they can and support this by providing regular next-steps advice, which students are required to respond to.

Our department comprises a team of reflective practitioners who are passionate about ensuring that students’ needs are met and adapt their practice accordingly. By embedding ‘Big Questions’ into our lessons we encourage opinions and develop their abilities to think and articulate how they feel. We are also able to cover more diverse topics that allow students to access topics on a personal, community, national and international level.

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English Department

Mrs J Jackson – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs E Hardacre – Progress Leader Year 11, Senior Lead Practitioner

Miss B Phillips – Subject Leader

Mr L Melin – Progress Leader Year 9 and Cultural Capital Lead

Miss J Stokes – Teacher

Mr J Davies – Subject Leader

Miss E Stanway – Literacy and Enrichment Lead

Miss W Gallimore – Teacher

Mrs E Boyles – Teacher

Y9 & 10 English Language

Y11 English Language

The Academy believes in developing the person as a whole so they can accomplish educational excellence."