Jason Chambers

Co-opted Governor

I have no prior experience in the educational sector. I do however have an ever growing passion for young people’s success academically and beyond; ensued by a smooth transition into adulthood.

I grew up on a small island in the Caribbean called St Vincent and the Grenadines.
I migrated to the UK in 2001. After arriving as a 21 year old with limited knowledge of the country, I decided to sign up for military service. The thought process being, I would gain further knowledge of the country’s beliefs, culture and values whilst being a part of something significant.

I worked as an electrical engineer in London for 4 years after my military duties came to an end. After which I decided to move to the Staffordshire area, where I worked as an electrical engineer for a further 3 years. I currently work as a support worker on a part time basis, supporting vulnerable young people. I consider myself a settled resident of the area and a proud citizen of the city, with a lot to offer the younger community. I challenge myself daily to come up with ideas, methods and strategies to help our children and young people dissect and understand the challenges they may face on a day to day basis. I am very family orientated and a proud parent of two children, year 7 and 9 attending Trentham Academy.

The opportunity to be a part of Trentham Academy community has given me a launch pad to further continue contributing to our young people’s development and success. With a code of conduct which is simple but effective; “Inspire so others can aspire”.

My hobbies are:

  • Football
  •  Cricket
  •  Volleyball
  •  Listening to music (jazz, piano and reggae)
  •  The occasional book e.g (The Chimp Paradox)
  •  Meditation, “Mindfulness”

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