British Values

British Values are human values. In the 21st Century as 24 hour news seeks to reinforce terror, accentuate differences and undermine our way of life, it is crucial that our young people are given the knowledge and skills to enable them to take their place as positive global citizens. It is our hope that through gaining a greater understanding of the features of British Values that our students can confidently become active citizens in our own community. The key features of British Values as identified by the government are:

  • Democratic process
  • Rule of law
  • Work of Parliament
  • Freedom of faith and belief
  • Acceptance and tolerance
  • Identifying and combating discrimination

Areas of Study

The tutor programme includes weekly themes which are introduced during assemblies and further considered during tutor time. These include a range of PSHE topics, including British Values.

British Values are specifically taught through SPARK Day sessions. For example, the democratic process is put into action by the Year 9 students each year when they conduct a school election. In the same vain, Year 8 students find out about the workings of the legal system by taking part in a Mock Magistrates Trial. These main events are complimented throughout all SPARK Days by sessions including community cohesion, comparing different governments throughout the world, and the importance of personal responsibility. Many of these sessions are delivered by external speakers who are experts in their area.

Each subject department also takes every opportunity to reinforce our British Values, linking to the key features wherever appropriate and embedding acceptance and tolerance at all times.


There is no formal assessment of British Values. Instead it is our hope to see these values reflected in all of our students and staff each day as we work together to combat discrimination, promote tolerance and gain a greater understanding of how our great nation conducts the business of democracy.

Firefly/Extended Learning

At various times throughout the year particular events will be looked at in more detail. For example, during the 800 year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, all students in Y7 took part in a national assembly streamed from the National Archive where they considered how the rule of law has evolved.

Links to useful Resources/ Exam Specifications/ Apps – lots of information on being an active citizen – election basics – election & legal information – human rights

It is crucial that our young people are given the knowledge and skills to enable them to take their place as positive global citizens."