Academy Introduction

Teaching and Learning at Trentham Academy

At Trentham Academy and across the City Learning Trust, we believe great lessons lead to fantastic progress for our students. Our lessons follow a simple model that emphasises the most important stages of all learning: engaging the student and contextualising the skills and content, developing the students understanding and reviewing their progress whilst providing opportunities to develop further.

Trium Perfectum

The characteristics of fantastic teaching and learning can be seen in our ‘Trium Perfectum’. Staff and students working together on these three aspects of teaching and learning, leads to rapid and deep progress.

Relentlessly High Expectations

Learning rules are followed consistently by students.

Students are clearly expecting to work hard and learn in the lesson.

The teacher expects all students to work hard, regardless of their ability. No excuses are offered or accepted. Where necessary, the teacher will regain momentum promptly.

Students are well disciplined, routines aid quick settling into the lesson, and any indiscipline is promptly and effectively dealt with.

Students rise to challenges set – they feel challenged but supported in their work.

Overt and sometimes covert verbal/non –verbal communication helps to raise expectations.

Teachers are not afraid to say ‘No’, ‘That’s not right’, ‘that’s not a good enough explanation, try again’. Half answers and / or poor explanations are not tolerated and challenged in an appropriate way.

Flexible and Varied Teaching Methods

The teacher is fully in control of their teaching and knows the students in front of them.

The teacher knows how to actively promote learning, rather than just concentrating on the teaching.

Appropriate choice of activity to suit the needs of the learners is evident.

Appropriate levels of challenge are evident and suit all learners.

Where necessary there is flexibility to cope with unexpected questions/issues which promotes learning and understanding.

Timing and pace is appropriate to the needs of the students in order to promote deep learning and understanding.

Learning and understanding are apparent in all students, as a result of quality teaching.

Precise, Regular and Effective Feedback

There is evidence of the ‘big picture’ (curriculum planning) and context to the learning.

Students have regular opportunities to reflect on their learning. This could include addressing misconceptions or enhancing their work.

Extended formative feedback is given following assessments which is used diagnostically to improve learning.

Written feedback is precise, effective, accessible and appropriate for the student.

Quality homework tasks are set to extend learning and/or develop and embed skills.

There is clear evidence of effective and purposeful verbal and written dialogue between the teacher and students which leads to active follow up where enhanced knowledge and/or improved skills are displayed.

At Trentham Academy and across the City Learning Trust, we believe great lessons lead to fantastic progress for our students."